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Offline, Single-Player Adventure Game.

Blippy is an alien outcast who crashes into Earth during the 2019 Area 51 Storming and causes the civilians to think the government is lying; then the rest of the aliens from Blippy's planet follow him to retrieve the orbs he stole in order to restore political balance to his planet. 

The aliens that followed Blippy destroy Earth little by little causing an apocalypse by sending a disease that causes corpses and plants to revive, mutate and become ravaged, as well as their most vicious alien beasts in order to find Blippy residing on Earth. The US Government and people are divided, due to the people believing the government was hiding alien information, leaving Earth's only intellectual defenses vulnerable, unable to unite to fight the common threat of alien invasion. Blippy gives the orbs to the human players (as Helga and Napolyin') in order to get rid of them (as reparation for the apocalypse he has caused), but first he needs ingredients in order to make them drinkable. He also needs the player to strengthen their bodies to be able to withstand the powers.

Help the last of the free humans guard the orbs, aid Blippy, and save the Earth from the alien invasion as Helga and Napolyin' in BlippyTown!


'i' for Inventory.

'k' for Skills.

't' to teleport back to the spawn point .

Right mouse click for picking up items.

Left mouse click for basic attack.

-To Use Abilities:

'1' - Wings of Movement.

'2' - Lightning Axe.

'3' - Natural Heal.

'4' - Double Hit.


Install instructions

Download through the installer below. 

(Once downloaded) To change window dimensions, hold 'alt' while starting up the game.


BlippyTown Beta Installer.exe 474 MB

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